Entrance from-means the first day you can use your visa to entry into Romania.It has nothing to do with the day you start calculate the length of your stay in Romania, unless you actually enter Romania this same day.

Entrance until-means the last day you can use your visa to  entry into Romania. It has nothing to do with how long you can stay in Romania.

D-is the symbol of the long term stay visa. Depending on the purpose for which they are issued, visas may be identified also by the symbol Avisa for airport transit, the symbol B– for other transit visa or by the symbol C– for the short stay visa.

M-means that you can  entry into Romania multiple times during the visa validity period. If instead of the letter M you have the letter S written on your visa,  it means that you can entry into Romania only one time.

90-means how many days  you can stay in Romania;The period of residence will be taken into account starting with the date of the first entry.

Name & Surname-check that your name is spelled correctly.

Date of issue-means the date when a consular officer at a Romanian Embassy or Consulate abroad has determined that you are eligible to seek entry for that specific purpose and issued the visa on your name.

Passport number-check that your passport number is correct.

Place of issue– means where your visa was issued

Type of visa-includes additional information of your type of visa. For example, in the image above, D/AM means-a long term stay visa for the purpose of employment.You may find here different other symbols according to the type of visa and the type of activity the applicant is to develop in Romania, as follows:

  • symbol B or B/CL when applied to groups (collective visa)-transit visa;
  • symbol C/M-short stay visa for mission;
  • symbol C/TU or CL/TU (when applied to groups)-short stay visa for tourism
  • symbol C/VV- short stay visa for visit;
  • symbol C/A– short stay visa for business;
  • symbol C/TRshort stay visa for transport;
  • symbol C/SP – short stay visa for sports;
  • symbol C/ZA- short stay visa for cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, short-term medical treatment or other activities that do not contravene with the Romanian law;
  • symbol D/AE-long term stay visa for economic activities
  • symbol D/AP- long term stay visa for professional activities
  • symbol D/AC- long term stay visa for commercial activities
  • symbol D/SD- long term stay visa for studies
  • symbol D/VF- long term stay visa for family unification
  • symbol D/CR- long term stay visa for foreigners married to Romanian citizens
  • symbol D/RU- long term stay visa for religious or humanitarian activities
  • symbol D/AS- long term stay visa for purposes other than those listed
  • symbol DS- long term stay visa for diplomatic and official service visa

Entry date– means the first day you entered Romania.From this day on you should start to calculate the number of days that you are allowed to stay in Romania.

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